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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

How do you wear yours?

Snoods. Love them or hate them? I'm personally pleased they are back. Way back in the 80s was my first encounter with The Snood. A cosy warm winter garment which kept all drafts off the neck, a necessity for the snowy months. I am once again the proud owner of a thick knitted snood!

However, the flimsy 'fashion' snoods are another matter. What do we do with them? Are they best simply worn as a doubled over scarf? Or pulled up in the traditional manner. The label shows they are designed to be worn both ways. So in the safety of my own living room I tried it out, and found myself singing Kylie Minogue's "Cant get you out of my head" but thankfully I stopped myself from breaking into her dance routine too. Well you never quite know who is looking through the window! It looked daft to be honest... but a sudden slight cosiness made itself known across my ears and neck, so maybe around the house only.......

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  1. I love snoods, I tend to wear mine round my next...though if it rains it makes a good shelter!


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